Analysis, Design & Diagnostics Inc.

About Us
Analysis, Design & Diagnostics, Inc. (AD&D) is a solutions-oriented company that has a unique knowledge of undersea acoustics in complex marine environments. AD&D has developed and deployed diverse technologies to support the United States Navy in the field of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW). Our technology also supports the Navy's full compliance with the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) and the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

This award winning technology has now proven to have much broader applications, which will benefit many industries and agencies. Our state-of-the-art technology supports homeland security by helping to
protect ports and harbors from intruders. But it has wider applications. We can provide turn-key solutions that allow ports and harbors as well as commercial shippers the ability to reduce ship strikes of endangered whales. And we can do the same for the oil and gas industry.
Increasingly, this industry has seen the benefits of using AD&D technology to help it comply with the Marine Mammal Protection Act during offshore oil exploration and drilling operations.
Analysis, Design & Diagnostics, Inc. provides database development and support as demonstrated by its 15-year ongoing support of the Integrated Readiness Assessment System (IRAS), which is used by the United States Navy's Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance community to develop performance metrics on aircrews, tactics and equipage employment.

AD&D is versed in writing unique software applications designed to reduce manpower requirements, improve quality control, support data acquisition efforts as well as support data recuction and analysis. You will see that we provide a wide breadth of technical support services which are designed and implemented to offer unique solutions.

The world is ever-changing and increasingly complex. New thinking and innovative solutions are critical. At AD&D we measure our success by the solutions we bring to our customers. Solving their issues and problems is how we help them succeed.

Acoustic Analysis, Logistics Support and Post Mission Reconstruction
Our elite engineers and analysts can provide state-of-the-art processing and all-source analysis of acoustic recordings. We provide a complete signal analysis documenting all acoustic sources, including narrowband, broadband, swath, active, and transient. Additionally, we provide Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measurements.

Exercise/Mission Planning
AD&D has a proven ability in exercise planning and execution. We can provide logistics support, rapid support for deployed aircrews and ships, coordination with manufacturers and vendors, and maintainence of complete inventory databases. We have provided logistics for Beartrap, Coast Guard SEI, and MPA SEI.

We provide software solutions for a variety of industries including the U.S. Navy. Some software includes the Marine Assessment, Decision, and Planning Tool for Protected Species, Purple Creator, Parsers for Unique Data Extraction, and the Quals Program

Database Development and Support Systems
We provide direct support for the U.S. Navy, ONI, ONR, NSA, U.S. Coast Guard, SPAWAR, NRL, and NAWC-AD. Some of our databases include: IRAS Database, FSP Database, MQL Database, SEI Database, Beartrap Database.
  1. Automated Logging and Reporting System (ALRS)
    Automated Logging and Reporting System (ALRS)
    Provides automated reporting of marine mammal sightings.
  2. Autonomous Sensor Node (ASN)
    Autonomous Sensor Node (ASN)
    Autonomous wideband acoustic sensor capable of detection, classification, and localization.
  3. ASN Workstation
    ASN Workstation
    Fully integrated acoustic data processing and analysis environment for the Autonomous Sensor Node (ASN)
  4. Expendable Acoustic Source (EAS)
    Expendable Acoustic Source (EAS)
    Low-cost acoustic source, configurable to support a wide variety of applications.
  5. Automated Sonar Positional Reporting System (A-SPORTS)
    Automated Sonar Positional Reporting System (A-SPORTS)
    Automated daily sonar reporting requirements.
  6. Handheld Sonar Intercept Receiver (HHSIR)
    Handheld Sonar Intercept Receiver (HHSIR)
    High frequency acoustic intercept receiver, providing situational awareness in hostile environments.
  7. Integrated Readiness Assessment System (IRAS)
    Integrated Readiness Assessment System (IRAS)
    IRAS provides the U.S. Navy with metrics to assess performance in all warfare areas, especially Anti-Submarine Warfare.
  8. Marine Mammal Detection and Mitigation (MMDM)
    Marine Mammal Detection and Mitigation (MMDM)
    Technology to detect marine mammals and allow the Navy to train with mid-frequency active sonar